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Monday, December 26, 2011

Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi Birthday Celebrations.

Invitation for 132nd  Birthday Celebrations of
Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi 
on 30.12.2011 at 
Sri Ramana Seva Ashram. Rachapalli, India.

All the Devotees of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi are hereby requested to participate in
132nd  Birthday Celebrations of Bhagavan
Sri Ramana Maharshi
at Sri Ramana Seva Ashram, Rachapalli Village, AP.India.

For further details please contact

With regards.
Datta swamy.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


The God is One.

The Power of God is there for Everyone at Every Place.

That Power of True Self will take care of Everyone.
That Internal power of True Self  will Guide All of US in Doing something Good.

Lord Arunachaleshwara of Arunachala.
Goddess Apeetha Kutchamba  At Arunachala.

Lord Arunachaleshwara with his sons
Lord Ganesha and Lord Kumara Swamy.
Lord Nandieshwara at Arunachala.

Lord Arunachaleshwara Going out
to bless the people who are in  Arunachala.

That Power of god is there in every one.

That energy of true self lights up the body and mind.
Where ever You are the Power of God will Guide you.

Lord Nandieshwara always ready 
in serving his master Lord Arunachaleshwara.

We need to remain alert and enthusiastic in world,
to perform our duties in a humble and honorable way.

While attending those duties, 
radiate the energy of love around you.

Lord Dattatreya.

Lord Dattatreya is the first Guru of the Universe,
who revealed the secrets of Self realization to great Sages and Saints.
Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi.

The Great Saint of Arunachala.
He revealed the secrets of self-realization 
through the simple method of Self- inquiry.

Sri Ramananda Swamy.
of Sri Ramana Seva Ashram, Rachapalli.

20 Years ago he visited  Sri Sadguru Seva Ashram, At Vangalapurdi Village.

He was sitting in the prayer hall.

then from the photograph of Sri Ramana Maharshi shown above, 
a brilliant beam of light struck him at his heart
 and he fell unconscious for few minutes.

Then he realized that he got the Grace and Guidance
 from Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi.

From that day on words he has dedicated his life to 
Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi.

Now He has completed 20 years of Spiritual Guidance and social Service
 to thousands of people around the Ashram,
 in East Godavari District , Andhra Pradesh.

The Twin brothers Swamy Ramananda and Swamy Lakshmana
 guiding villagers around the ashram to lead life with
 devotional,spiritual and social practices.

Now again with the Grace and Guidance of Sri Ramana Maharshi, 
Swami Ramananda and Datta Swamy are
 Starting this Global centre,
to make it a global  contact centre,
 for all the friends of Sri Ramana Maharshi across the globe
without any reservations of regions and religions.

The vision of the centre is to bring 
all the global friends of Sri Ramana Maharshi
to do social service
 to make a big difference in the conditions of people
who are in dire needs of food,clothing and Shelter.

We are blooming with our own wealth and authority,
 with all the comforts of modern world,
without bothering about the conditions around us.
We have conditioned our minds to lead life happily even in dirty waters.

Where ever we are, there are several people 
who are in bad condition's of life without food clothing and shelter.

With our own selfish interests we try to ignore them,
 even though we are aware of them.

We always want to be clean and healthy,
 with all our comforts to enjoy the life.

Start bothering about the people who are 
 drowning in the deep dirty  waters of poverty.

Let us do something good for helping 
those people who are in dire needs of food, clothing and shelter.

The Pond has to be cleaned.

There are several ponds of poverty in each and every country.
In fact in each and every city, town and village,
 there are several ponds of poverty.

Let us start cleaning the ponds of poverty immediately.

Let us unite all the resources and energies 
Under the Guidance of Sri Ramana Maharshi.

So make the first step by Joining in 
Your Sri Ramana Maharshi Global centre.

Please enroll yourself with the centre by sending a default mail to

Let us design and decide the Social Welfare Activities.

Let us start cleaning the ponds of poverty with team work.

Let us make efforts for bringing new lotus flowers from 
Poor people who are in dire needs of food clothing and shelter.

We are happy and content with all our comforts.
We have plenty of Possessions with our pride and ego, 
filled to the brim.

All our three vessels are filled for life time, 
to take care of the three basic needs of food clothing and shelter.

First let us understand about the meaning of life,
When we know the reality of life,
We will understand how to lead life in society.

First every one need to know about themselves,
 that will give all answers to lead rest of their life,
By remaining in that power of true self.

There is no need to leave any of your possessions, comforts,
there is no need to renounce the world and lead a life of austerity,
 There is no neeed to part with  Your Money, or Your intelligence, or Your Authority.

Just fill and give a Glass of  your extra processions from the
 above three vessels of yours which are 
taking care of your food clothing and shelter.

Even a spoon full of possessions are enough from your three vessels,
 if it is according to your capacity.

 If all your three vessels are empty,

 Just treat all people in society with love and compassion..
that itself gives a meaning to our life in society.

As You go with the process of knowing about yourself, 
You will start giving a spoon of possessions, or a glass of possessions.

You will start nurturing the new plants,
 then young children will bloom from the poverty.

with those blooming of buds with education,
 a new fruit bearing plant will come,
 from the people who are covered under that poverty and sickness.
Then all those new plants will grow with the habit of total equality in society.

please remember that it is humans who have the rationality and discretion
 to protect all other living things.
So with our money, authority and intelligence
 we need to serve all living things with total love and compassion.

God Will take care of Everyone by providing all the essential things to all.
But People suffer with their body and mind
 all due to their deeds and destiny, with that
 sense of selfishness with Body and Mind.

Now You are driven by that force to change their destiny.

When Every one is under Gods Grace, it does not mean that you should
leave suffering people to their destiny.

You need to understand that inner Guidance of God  from that heart centre,
To Help all those people who are in dire needs of food clothing and shelter.

So, for that first let us start doing something good for all in the society.

The Power of God is there behind You.

That Power of true self keeps an eye on all your dealings in world,
From the top of the Hill, 
to Give you results for all your good and bad actions with 
Your sense of Body and Mind.

All the necessary strength to survive in this world,
in service of society, is there inside you.

Make all efforts to Awaken that Strength and 
be active in engaging yourself,

in soul soothing services for people who are in need of
food,clothing and shelter.

In the process of your dealing in society,
lace all your Services with love and Compassion.

Which coconut tree is rich and which coconut tree is poor ?
Which coconut tree is strong and healthy 
and Which coconut tree is weak and sick. ??
Which coconut tree is intelligent and with authority and 
which coconut tree is innocent and suffering ???

With the exception of Humans, 
all other living things will lead life in harmony with nature,
all within the laws of nature.

So we need to lead life with total Harmony with all human beings and
 we should make all efforts,
at least to remove the Poverty and Sickness
from the neglected People of the Society.

No Human Being should lead a life of Vegetable Existence.

When you know the primary purpose of human life,
by knowing about yourself,
 By knowing about that power of true self,

You will understand your role and responsibility towards
Other Lovely living species like animals and birds.

We are always under the grace and guidance of God.

Let us do something good for those who are in need.

Service to Mankind is Service to God.e

Always work with love in Society
 Along with your intelligence and Authority.


Whatever one to " others" gives

is well and truly given to oneself.

Who knowing this would fail to give 

Generous Service to the World  ?

------Sri Ramana Maharshi.